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Pivotal emotion “Love”


Just a thought-

I get the feel of melancholy subdued in loud music because it mutes the voice of my soul.

With lots of wary, trying to hide that butterflies bustling crusade, she told him. I’m in love with you.

The glimmers in the eyes of the guy were extremely convincing. It would be hard for anyone to think otherwise. But for some reason, when in love, you just can’t see the life beyond. It is the only emotion that is awfully pivotal. The sweet girl was oblivious that the words from her first love would change a part of her eternally. He said with a colossal passion, “I really like you. Really a lot. Beyond what you can think. But, I wish you were little more attractive for me to call you the love of my life.”

She was spellbound. She never knew she would get to hear this from the person whom she loved the most in the world. She was too naïve to discern that the “world of love” works this very sordid way.
That day, she fathomed what love exactly means in this big world. It is not always about the person you are in love with. It is definitely not about the cognitive yearning to spend all the time left for you in this life with him. There are more faces to it.

She was a strong girl. She tried to move on and she did. But the path she chose for it is a very subjective one. It might be the best for her. But I just hope her innocent soul doesn’t regret it when she looks back at her life.

Today’s post is dedicated to one of my close friends. This incident happened around 4 years back. She has got 1000’s of hang-ups and personally, for me, every bit of it is thought provoking. But I chose this story to narrate because the guy is her best friend. I have a thing for such stories.


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A girl who has fought a lot of aspirational battles. I’m of that kind who has seen veracious set backs at every step and yet had the perseverance to hold on to oneself hoping to see light at the end of never-ending tunnel. Fashion designer and Retail business professional by qualifications. Painter and writer by passion.

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