It is not about “not being able to move on”. Sometimes, people do not find the obligation. Love happens. One cannot plan to fall in it and fall out of it. In my opinion, love brings a sense of serenity and wholeness to you. People, who cannot be with that love, feel content in that phase of their life. And one chooses to stay in that phase. Because you and that phase are met to be. One such phase happened to me. One such love happened to me. That wasn’t the perfect phase of my life.

Precisely, that phase, that love taught me life. Showed that part of me that I never knew subsisted. Well, that part of me turned out to be the worst bit of me. But, that was the “ought to” in life. Irrevocably, I felt content. That love, made me feel complete. But, due to barred reasons, I was only left with the memoirs of that crucial phase of my life.

I’m one of those out there, who was denied to those memoirs as well in various forms. I will never forgive nature for that. Well, I suppose, nature doesn’t care too about my forgiveness. I do fight against the nature to keep those memories alive.


Her laughter fades out…


A single lady in her 40’s

Alzheimer’s patient

NHS South West London

United Kingdom


Cross Roads


It is that time of the year, dewdrops, autumn leaves, lush colours and jaunty people around. You feel glee all around you and hence within you. She was speculating, can it ever, again be within you, hence around you. That seems a light year far behind. At a given point of time, at least a lakh people are contemplating with something or the other in life. You can find her in all of those every point of time. She hurtles happiness. In the search of prevailing happiness, she has lost quite a bit. She could never fathom herself.

Stumped to herself is her forte. Life seems a skirmish. In the busy hush of putting a bright smile on her face, the famous fake one; she forgot what is her reality and what is her fakeness. It all seems to have crossed the road, the famous road. Walking, running, crawling, driving, crippling and what not. The road has seen it all. And of course, there is more to come. But you know what, the road has picturesque imagery. Extremely irreplaceable to herself. After crossing a bit of her never-ending dark tunnel, I think she has found her next milestone. Worthy or depraved? Yet to be figured out. Is it another one of her astounding fiascoes or is this the one for which all hurtles and cascades was for?

Her lovely full lips curved a bit with this thought. The last time she thought the same; she was at the verge of death. Though she quivered the thought, she didn’t stop herself or should I say she couldn’t stop herself. Thou are Love. Because love doesn’t let you to. Whatsoever. Her eyes shifted from the swans of the serpentine lake to the guy walking across in the grey jacket. Breeze burnt her skin a jiff. She could feel her body warm up. The cosy love one. He waved at her with loads of love in his eyes. Those smiles and eyes, damn, those made her cross all her inhibitions. The irrefutable love oozing out of them, she could die for. She was all set for the new lessons of her life. Was she?

Their fingers weaved together. They started their walk together around Hype Park. They were endowed with love, just love.


12th Feb 2017,

Hyde Park, England,