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Just a thought –

Love is a malady but a picturesque one

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Those innocent looking eyes; Just in that moment, it sank in; they are mine.

She had to make the most crucial decision of her existence. Eyes wobbling along with the hands; Twigs of hair on her face tweaking its path with the wind;

She had to choose between loving him forever and abiding herself.

She heard the voices of people in her head telling varied things about him, what they share and what he is capable of doing to her. Her body shuddered with the thought. But, they became noises in the background.

These are the people who care about her. All that she was able to hear, see, sense and feel was his eyes.

There have been moments of shrewd pain in the relationship. Relationship? Her thoughts froze with the word, relationship…

Was it even one? She did manage to answer it. Indeed, relationship. An enduring one that doesn’t quaver with any damn thing. How is it even conceivable? She kept speculating.

She had the answer.


She knew he was very toxic for her. This, the thing that they share would destroy her. Not a quick one. But an excruciatingly slow and painful destruction. Because, it is love. His words. His deeds. His gestures. It all hurt her beyond her ingenuity. That was the métier of her love for him.

However, she knew, after all it passes, she would have his arms around her always to hoard her from breaking, from shedding, from weathering, from drowning.

Every single time he was there. Eloquently or naïvely.  

She stood there; wide eyed, tears promenading down. He was hurting her. With his words. He had his wrist holding hers so snugly that it was leaving a mark. It was turning bluish red.

She was looking deep into his eyes.

Those innocuous looking eyes; Just in that moment, it sank in; they are mine.

He, in that second, discerned those wide eyes ogling at him. His wrist loosened to become tauter. In a jiff of a moment, he pulled her into a hug. The hug that had the power to drench her soul with cordiality of a mother hugging a petrified newborn. His hands, gently but carefully caressing her back calmed her down.

His warm tears wet her shoulders. He whispered, “I love you”.

Flouting makes the relationship stronger. She knew, this was meant to be. This was real. The forever one;

They were indeed meant to be forever.


5.30 pm GMT

Millennium bridge


Author’s note:

She had overwhelming tears that she kept wiping with tissues. And he was there still hugging her. They were in their 80’s. Proud parents of 3, grandparents of 6 and great grandparent of 10.

Undying love it is.  The one you could die for.



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A girl who has fought a lot of aspirational battles. I’m of that kind who has seen veracious set backs at every step and yet had the perseverance to hold on to oneself hoping to see light at the end of never-ending tunnel. Fashion designer and Retail business professional by qualifications. Painter and writer by passion.

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