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Just a thought –

Someone’s inhumanity can empty you of your sanity


She writes:

We, humans often overlook other’s inhumanities that are not actual crimes in the eyes of society.

May be, is that the only coping mechanism we have managed to figure out after seeing and going through varied struggles in our day-to-day life?

“Overlooking”. As it is rightly said, ignorance is bliss.

We are so adrift in gaining success, money and other types of worldly things that one has lost the eyes to look at what they do to fellow humans in the urge to move forward in life.

There are people who could do anything and everything for their own good. Being selfish is a form of self-love. However, self-love at the cost of harming others is atrocious. What is flabbergasting is the conviction. They are completely blind towards what the other person is subjected to because of their actions.

Some leave a bleeding person on the road to die, some derail another person emotionally to beat their loneliness, some empty a person of their innocence for physical hunger, some trade trust to fake promises and there is no end to this “some” lists.

They are very common and most famous “moral crimes”.

Are they being brought up to be blind towards moral crimes? Do you tell your loved loves to be so?

Don’t you feel guilty of his demotion because of your lie to your boss?

Don’t you feel guilty of promising a future to him when you know you are going to walk away?

Don’t you feel guilty of stealing his project idea and present it as yours?

Don’t you feel guilty of making love to her when you know that you are flying to U.S. tonight forever?

Don’t you feel guilty of saying I love you to her when you have your wife waiting for you at home?

Don’t you feel guilty of hiding this from the girl who is dreaming of a future with you?

Don’t you just feel guilty at all, mankind?

If you have been taught to stamp on others to move forward in life, then you were and are still in awful hands of your so-called parents. Any parent, who cannot make their kid differentiate between self-love and inhuman behavior, fails to do their duty as one.

It is not about being judgmental on your behavior. Wrong and right are extremely subjective. But moral crimes are not about wrong and right. They glow with their characteristics for you to identify it.

If you dare to have peace of mind irrespective of your inhuman behavior, hats off to you. You have learnt and nurtured to be a bad person.

 My count of meeting bad humans adds up to 3 – counting you in.

*Silent sobs*


Moringson Crescent


Her trust was traded for fake promises. She lost the ability to sense the word in true sense – TRUST…



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A girl who has fought a lot of aspirational battles. I’m of that kind who has seen veracious set backs at every step and yet had the perseverance to hold on to oneself hoping to see light at the end of never-ending tunnel. Fashion designer and Retail business professional by qualifications. Painter and writer by passion.

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