Just a thought –

Isn’t love the most overrated emotion? A word coined by humans and said to be existing in this world – How convenient to pull off the emptiness within?


A man. In his late 20’s. He was walking differently. He was talking differently. His eyes were popped out aberrantly. His hands were crammed with two plastic mugs, few packets of ear buds, few safety pins and few cloth clips. He was pugnacious to walk to every person he saw coming out of the big glass convoluted fashion store. It would have taken a great exertion for him to pull himself together to make that walk of three to four steps. And everyone there ogled him in a mucky manner with fright and revulsion in the eyes, in their body language. Humans.

He was not ostentatious by it. At least, outwardly. What was he going through within; no one would ever bother him to ask. So-called humans were too diligent to even notice him. A man like him in a developing country like India would make a living by pleading for money. May be people would have helped him with cash. Just may be. For commiseration sake, for gaining blimey sake or for selfish needs sake. But he wanted to earn the money. As he knew well that things that are begged for has to be returned in someway or the other.

When you can’t extend love to the penurious, what is the emotion for? Someone from the crowd asking him, how much the mug cost, would have made him feel not ignored, not loved in this big bad world. At least, I thought so. We all go through heartbreaks. We all feel the pain that once, that loved us, don’t anymore. What about the feeling of no one being there for someone to extrapolate love? What about understanding the only emotion ubiquitous stalwartly around the globe, heartedness?

The loch sight of him evokes the heartedness for no reason. Unequivocally for no mistake of his.

But for him, a man like him, love is the most overrated emotion. A word coined by humans and said to exist in this world – How convenient to pull off the emptiness within them?


JN Street,

Pondicherry, India

Author’s note:

I also walked by him. With fright. But I did pull off some guts to talk to him and bought a pack of pins. I felt that he is so right about the emotion. Love is to escape the void within oneself. He didn’t need it, as he never knew it. But, I can lucidly see that he filled the abyss within for himself, unconsciously.

I fathom the void in swift of a second; A nurtured skill lately.